About Sterzings

The Sterzing's Story - Founded in 1933
Three potato chips

Sterzing’s is a manufacturer and distributor of the best selling potato chip in Southeast Iowa. Our unique chips are made the same way today that they were when the company was founded in the mid 1930’s. Our ingredients are simple… Potatoes, oil and salt. It’s our recipe and manufacturing techniques that make the difference.

Each time you purchase a bag of Sterzing’s potato chips you are in reality tasting a bit of local history. We continue in the tradition of producing potato chips the same way as the founder Barney Sterzing did in the 30’s.

As a supplement to his candy business, Mr. Sterzing developed a process which he sliced potatoes and slow cooked them one batch at a time. This process is still used today to maintain the unique flavor and texture that is the trademark of Sterzings.

Bag of chips and bowl of chips

Our chips are still “Made Fresh Daily” so customers can rely on the quality they’ve grown accustomed to. Sterzing’s ships potato chips all over the US and various parts of the world.  Our international shipping began during the Vietnam War when servicemen requested shipments of the chips they grew up eating.  Presently, we are sending boxes of chips to servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We continue the old fashioned way of making a great product, so each time you “tri-some” Sterzing’s, you are taking part in the history which made Sterzing’s Potato Chips Southeast Iowa’s most recognizable product.